Texas Canyon Rest Stop

About 16 miles northeast of Benson, along Interstate 10, is perhaps the busiest highway rest stop in Arizona. 

The rest stop is in the midst of the giant granite boulders of Texas Canyon. Rumor has it that locals name the are Texas Canyon after "a bunch of damned Texans" settled there in the 1880s. Those damned Texans, whose descendants still ranch in the area, aren't the reason travelers stop here. People stop to see and explore the giant granite boulders that litter the area.

If you are passing through Texas Canyon on Interstate 10: stop, walk around, see the rocks, and take a selfie.



Oh, and don't eat the snakes and insects that inhabit the area. They might be poisonous.

Or maybe the maker of this sign fails to understand the difference between poisonous and venomous. Also, scorpions aren't insects.  Nevertheless, beware of wildlife that might harm you.