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Red Rock Sunset

Cotton Sunset

Beer me, Arizona

Dove Mountain Brewing Company

Dove Mountain Brewing isn't an actual brewery. However, they offer a great rotating selection of local Arizona brews that make it worth the detour when we travel between Tucson and Phoenix.

Hot Summer Nights

Omni Tucson National Resort

Do Not Feed the Bird!

Tucson Mineral & Gem World

Carnegiea gigantea

Saguaro National Park

Signal Hill

Saguaro National Park

Leaky Tire

Making a Sunday morning visit to Wally World to get a leaky tire patched.

Tiki Tucson

Kon Tiki

I first drove by this Tucson original tiki bar nearly 30 years ago, but never visited. We finally decided to give Kon Tiki a try. The adult beverage prices appeared to be too good to be true, and they almost were. One of the two drinks we ordered was unpleasant enough that we didn't order more. My sample size is too small to know if this is typical. We sampled a variety of food and found most of it to be exceedingly mediocre -- filling but less tasty than we'd make at home. Only the Birds on a Stick stood out as not being blander (is that a word?) than it looked. We may be back, but it will be hard to pick Kon Tiki over the many wonderful Mexican restaurants in Tucson.



Corbett Brewing

Greetings from Tucson