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Giant Lemon

Lemon Grove: a small town with a large lemon.

A wall built by software developers?

If software developers built walls, I suspect they might look something like this.

Beer Recycling?

Newport Beach Brewing Company

Live Like Greg

Who is Greg? And how does he live?


Summer Fun

Plug me in. Turn me on.

I often find myself moving furniture in search of power outlets in hotel room. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm staying at a luxury resort or a cheap roadside motel -- power outlets are often hard to find.

I'm thrilled to find no lack of power in this place.

Boundary Testing

Drinking Helix

Helix Brewing Company

A refreshment stop at the end of a full day.

Antique Trucks

Motor Transport Museum

The Motor Transport Museum was a chance discovery -- a happy accident. As I was driving towards Campo, I saw flags and a sign promoting the museum. I passed the museum. A half mile later, I turned around. I'm glad I did.

The museum contains one of the best collections of mostly-unrestored antique trucks that I've encountered.