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Café abre mis ojos

Carnitas El Taste

Prison Hill

Prison Hill Brewing

Prison Hill Brewing makes a great spot for a working happy hour.

Painted Rock

Painted Rock Petroglyph Site

The Painted Rock Petroglyph Site contains hundreds of ancient petroplyphs pecked into basalt boulders.

The picnic shelter made a great office for the morning, until the temperature hit 100 degrees.

Outback Pub

Today's remote office comes with local beer and live music.

However, the singer in this pub seems to like all of the following:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Small towns
  • Bologna
  • Rock n Roll
  • Tobacco
  • Dollar General
  • Whisky
  • Pinball
  • Whores
  • His mama
  • His wife
  • America
  • Jesus
  • Your eyes

Faraday Cage BAR-B-Q

There is no mobile phone or data signal inside this restaurant, in spite of there being a good signal outside. Arnold's interior decorator decided to use corrugated steel as paneling on the walls and ceiling. The lack of connection made this a horrible place to get any work done. I quickly ate my lunch and left.

The paneling is a bit too attenuating..

The food is a bit too pedestrian.

The penalty is a bit too severe.

The pork is a bit too fresh.

Old Town Apartment

My home for the week.

One of the garden cats.

Twin Dragon

Don't eat Panda when you can eat Dragon.

The Twin Dragon restaurant in La Habra, California, offers plentiful portions of hot, fast, and tasty Chinese food.

I discovered the Twin Dragon while searching for a place to eat and work after checking out of the motel at which I spent the previous several days. The Twin Dragon provided both of the things I sought: a good meal and a place from which I could work for a few hours.

My $7 2-item Combo Plate came with a whole lot more than 2 items.

Rainbow Inn

The Rainbow Inn in Anaheim, California, provided a clean, comfortable, and cheap place to sleep and work. In addition bed and bath, the Rainbow Inn provided me with a microwave, refrigerator, and a desk from which I could work. I did not try their free WiFi. This motel served as my office for most of this week.

Cynthiana-Harrison Public Library

A good place to work.


Ha! I encountered something on this roadtrip for which I did not prepare: ancient un-grounded power outlets. Thankfully, the local dollar store had a solution for my problem.

Grandma's Saloon