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Nothing, Arizona

There was once a gas station in Nothing, Arizona. Now, there is nearly nothing.

Stop and smell the Saguaro

Ass Hole

I will never know

Snoopy on a Rocket

Pole Dancer

No Coasting Vehicles

If I add a motor to a coasting vehicle, does it cease to be a coasting vehicle?
If a motorized vehicle is moving but not in gear, does it become a coasting vehicle?
What about a mobility scooter that enables someone who otherwise could not walk to move about?
Is a wheelchair a coasting vehicle?

Santa Claus has seen better days

Santa Claus, Arizona

Santa Claus, Arizona


Modern Facilities


Chloride Murals

Roy Purcell Murals

As we drove through Chloride, I saw "Murals" and an arrow painted on a rock. I went the way of the arrow -- into the mountains. After navigating the bumpy dirt road for about 10 minutes, we found murals painted by artist Roy Purcell.

Deer Crossing

Boulder Dam

Hoover Dam

The Boulder Dam was built during the Great Depression to tame the Colorado River and produce electric power. The concrete dam was built in under 5 years by over 5000 workers, and was turned over to the federal government in 1936. The dam was officially renamed to Hoover Dam in 1947.

The dam was constructed of 5 by 30 by 30 foot concrete blocks. Each block contained steel pipes through which refrigerated water was run to help the concrete cure. To give the concrete time to sufficiently cure, builders limited construction to 7 blocks high within a 30 day period.