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Sorry About Your Wall

Dubuque-Wisconsis Bridge

Little Motel on the Freeway

If this motel were any closer to the freeway, it would be in traffic.

Golden Egg

ADM is growing a giant golden egg on the banks of the Mississippi.

Antique Archaeology

Sadly, Antique Archaeology is more of an overpriced souvenir T-Shirt shop than an antique shop.

Please Watch Your Head

Fort Madison Toll Bridge

The Fort Madison toll bridge is a swing bridge that crosses the Mississippi River at Fort Madison, Iowa, and Niota, Illinois. Rail traffic travels the lower deck and cars travel the upper deck.

Fort Madison Toll Bridge, Fort Madison, Iowa.jpg
Photo: Joe Elliot, Summer 1995   

George M. Verity River Museum

The steamboat George M. Verity pushed barges up and down the Mississippi River from 1927 to 1960. Today it sits on land in Keokuk, Iowa, where it serves as a museum. Our tour consisted of a guided tour of the lower deck followed by self-guided exploration of the rest of the boat. We enjoyed exploring this great example of an early 20th century steam-powered Mississippi River workhorse.

Lock and Dam Number 19

Rocket Slide

A neighborhood park in Keokuk, Iowa, contains a blast from the past: a rocket slide. I was surprised to see one of these still in use. This brought back fond childhood memories of a rocket slide elsewhere -- including memories of being afraid to go down the rocket slide.

A bit of web searching reveals that the slide was recently restored, brought into compliance with current playground safety requirements, and placed in Keokuk's Triangle Park. I'm glad to see that new generations get to enjoy the slide while past generations recall memories of playing on the rocket slide.