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Matthew E Welsh Bridge

Butt Drugs

The folks in Corydon, Indiana, have been relying on the Butt family for their pharmaceutical needs for over 60 years. Today they offer a pharmacy, cheap coffee, a soda fountain, and selected unique and local products. Plus they offer a wide variety of   Butt Drugs merchandise. Stop by and get yourself some Butt Drugs.

Oh, and be prepared for some funny looks and questions from strangers as you wear your  Butt Drugs t-shirt in public. :)

Big Four Bridge

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

The World's Largest Cookie Jar Collection

Whitewater Canal Town: Metamora

Canal Cat

Metamora Grist Mill


The Special: Meatloaf

The Menu

After another Metamora restaurant turned us away because they were overfilled, we went to the Country Cooking Restaurant. Perhaps we should have viewed the inclusion of "Cheese and Crackers" in the "Specialties" section as a warning of what was to come. (We'd have been happier with cheese and crackers.) 

Shortly after being seated, we ordered our food. Then we waited. And we waited. And we waited some more. As we waited, we overheard other customers complaining about the wait. We heard customers complain about under-cooked and other inedible food. Other customers demanded their bills so that they could pay in time to catch the train that was about to leave town. The wait staff seemed to be overwhelmed and untrained in managing customers when things weren't going well in the kitchen. Customers began to walk out without paying -- some needing to catch the train and others unhappy with their meal. Meanwhile, we continued to wait.

Our waitress informed us that the chef and owner of the restaurant had eye surgery the previous day and was going slower than normal. 

We finally received our food. Both of our plates contained mashed potatoes and what appeared to be canned green beans. The flavor of the green beans permeated everything else that was sitting in the green bean juice. The meatloaf appeared to be under-cooked, and smelled and looked like cat food. As I haven't tasted canned cat food, I can't be certain that it tasted like cat food but it did taste like I imagine cat food tastes.

We then reluctantly paid for our mostly-uneaten meals and left -- still hungry.