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Stay Out

Power Shovel

Pumpkin Head


Bridge To Nowhere

The Henry Harrison McPhaul suspension bridge was built in 1929 to carry U.S. Route 95 over the Gila River. The bridge was closed in 1968 when it was deemed unsuitable for modern highway traffic and the river was rerouted.

Nothing, Arizona

There was once a gas station in Nothing, Arizona. Now, there is nearly nothing.

Santa Claus has seen better days

Santa Claus, Arizona

Santa Claus, Arizona

Stovepipe Well

Death Valley National Park

The well was once at the intersection of two trails through Death Valley. After sand obscured the spot, someone stuck a piece of stovepipe into the well as a marker.


Rhyolite was a town near the eastern edge of Death Valley that began as a mining camp in 1905. Fueled by a gold rush, the town grew to nearly 5000 people in just a few years, but the easily accessible gold had all been exhumed in just a few years. By 1910, the mine was operating at a loss. The mine closed in 1911 and the town's population dove to fewer than 1000 peopl. By 1920, the town was abandoned and in ruins.


Construction has stalled on the 1.5 million square foot PhoenixMart international trade center in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Last I heard, the concrete supplier put a $1 million lean on the property after not being paid for materials and labor.