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Insufficient Information

How much change is required? Are only coins accepted? If so, what coins?

There is insufficient information to determine if one has the required exact change until it is too late to back out of committing to entering the turnpike.

Frisco 4500 Meteor

The Meteor

Big Wheels

Ben, for scale

Center of the Universe

Stand in the circle and speak. Hear your voice echo. Others nearby won't hear an echo.

Step out of the circle and speak. No echo.


Love yourself. You're Beautiful.

* Does not apply to Matt.

The Golden Driller


Ed Galloway's Totem Pole

Pensacola Dam


Left-Foot Braking

If she had taken her foot off the brake, the driver in front of me might have been able to complete her pass of the truck in under 10 miles. Two-footed drivers scare me.

Large Drink

When I ordered a large drink, I expected to get something that would fit in the car. I was wrong. It doesn't.