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A feral tractor grazes in the field

Date Porn

Shields Date Garden

California Cotton


Dateland, Arizona

Enjoying a "World Famous Date Shake".

Cotton Sunset


Irrigate Me


Burnett Road


Olive Oil

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill for the freshest olive oil, craft pizza, and craft beer. Join an Olive Oil 101 Tour to learn about olives and their oil.

Date Palms

Apple Annie's Produce & Pumpkins

Pick a pepper.

Apple Annie's Produce & Pumpkins is a 125-acre farm near Willcox, Arizona. The farm offers pre-picked and you-pick vegetables throughout the harvest season: July through October. Over the years (I first visited this farm nearly 20 years ago) they have become a premiere agritourism destination in southeastern Arizona. Bring the kids. See the farm. Pick some delicious vegetables. Experience Apple Annie's farm.