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Who is that masked man?


Penalty: $250 for Removal

 Standing in 3 states at once: Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.



 A thief stole our catalytic converter in the night. This appears to be a common thing in Albuquerque.

Time To Eat

Owl Cafe

Social distancing dining in the age of COVID19.


Beer Tent


I was hoping to ride the Wheel of Fish, but all I could find was this Wheel of Observation. I think I'll observe from down here.

Likely cause of death

Chile Relleno Dog, on a stick


Domestic Trash

Dang! I have to limit myself to dumping imported trash.

Sliver of Sunlight

I completely lost the Sun but then found it again after driving over a couple mountains. There's a sliver of sunlight ahead. 


Chasing the Sun

Tularosa: Valley of Fires

If you slow down and look, you might notice pleny of evidence of past volcanic lava flow through Tularosa Valley.

After Burn

A 2012 fire claimed 44,340 acres and 242 homes from this now-sparsely-populated ponderosa pine forest.