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Duck Dusk

Water Ranch

Testing out a 2.6 kg 50 year old Tamron Adapt-a-Matic 200-500mm f/6.9 (PZ-150Au) lens.

Who is that masked man?


Penalty: $250 for Removal

 Standing in 3 states at once: Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.


 A thief stole our catalytic converter in the night. This appears to be a common thing in Albuquerque.

Wiped Out

Not gonna start roadtripping with wiped out wipers.

Watson Lake

 Watson Lake Park

Sitting in a Jail Tree

Wickenburg Jail Tree

Criminals used to be chained to this tree. Today, it provides a place to stop and sit on our way home, while keeping some distance from others as we attempt to avoid a killer virus.

There is Hope

Passmore Gas


Driving offroad in the desert: I'm not sure what I hit, but I could hear the air leaving the tire as soon as I hit whatever I hit. A can of fix-a-flat enabled us to get home -- one town at a time as we topped off with air and then drove to the next town and topped of with air and drove to the next town...

Stay Out

Coachella Valley Vista


Cow Records

Waiting for Tacos

Mike's Taco Club

Burger, Giant

Point Loma Cafe

The kids meal burgers are...



San Diego Zoo


San Diego Zoo

Papio hamadryas

Hamadryas Baboons at the San Diego Zoo

Drop Bears

San Diego Zoo