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Ludlow Massacre

A memorial to striking coal miners and family who were killed in the Ludlow Massacre

Water Works

Cimino Park

A pit stop to stretch out legs.


Old Branson City Jail

State Line

Toll Gate Canyon

We drove by this marker and ruins of a building, and turned around. The signs says that the road we are traveling was once one of the few reliable wagon roads between Colorado and northeast New Mexico. It doesn't seem that many travel by this way any more. We like to think the building may have been a toll booth. There's no one here to collect a toll today, and it made for a great place to take pictures.

Neighborhood Watch

Capulin Volcano

Visiting Capulin Volcano

Ready to climb a mountain.

Let's go!

Dogs don't drink coffee.

Down into the crater.

The photographer.

In the crater.

What a view!

Walking around the rim of the crater.

Riding the winds.