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City of Rocks

Avian Travelers

Warsaw Riverfront Park

We came across a nice little park by the Mississippi River in Warsaw, Illinois.  The Warsaw Riverfront Park is available for day use and overnight camping. We found the park to be filled with avian travelers -- geese.

Lottis Creek Campground

We came upon the Lottis Creek Campground while wandering the Rocky Mountains. It lies about 9 miles south of the Taylor Park Reservoir. It provided a perfect place to pitch our tent and enjoy a bit of campfire fun.

Picture Canyon

Comanche National Grasslands > Picture Canyon

Picture Canyon, located in the Comanche National Grassland in southeastern Colorado is home to beautiful natural rock formations and prehistoric rock art.

A picnic area with grills and a toilet are provided for use. No other facilities are provided. As the location is remote, please bring what you need; and take your refuse with you as you leave.

We came, we hiked, we camped. We had a great time... and then moved further south into Texas; in search of warmer weather.

Prehistoric rock art

Get up close to the rock art, but please don't touch

Hiking the trail

The children prepare breakfast

I watch the children prepare breakfast

Lake Irwin

The first time we tried to reach Lake Irwin, we failed to get there -- there was too much snow in the road.  This is one of those places in Colorado that is only accessible by car in the summertime.

The Lake Irwin Campground, offers campsites, toilets, and drinking water for summer visitors.

Cotopaxi Camping