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Slow Zone

Desert Fog



Giant Koala

Giant Koala

Captive Koala

Sleeping on a train

Pelican Waters Holiday Park

Tonight's accommodations are on a train. It has been a long day in the sun. Time to sleep -- if the birds quiet down.

Strange Creatures

Kangaroo Golf

Rise and Shine

Chianti Cottages

Rooftop Caravan Park


I look outside our hotel window and see what appears to be a rooftop caravan park. It turns out that this is Notel, a non-hotel upscale hipster hotel made up of a handful of refitted retro Airstream camping trailers. This is just the kind of oddball lodging I'd give a try -- if they weren't over twice the price of other nearby accommodations.

A non-potable water drinking fountain?

Wayside Chapel

Rubber, rubber. Chicken dinner.

Archie McPhee > Rubber Chicken Museum


Archie McPhee

Market Theater Gum Wall

Sometimes gross things become tourist attractions. Seattle's Post Alley gum walls got so nasty that the city steam cleaned the walls and hauled away over a metric ton of gum. People have continued to add more gum in the three years since the cleaning.

Accordion 🐈


Dennis Avery's Galleta Meadows Sculptures > Map