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What time is it?

Is there a problem here?



Slow Zone

Desert Fog


Anna's Museum

 Anna's Museum

Anna's Museum is a child's private collection of oddities that fills a former shop window in Brighton, England. Stop and take a look.


Giant Koala

Giant Koala

Captive Koala

Sleeping on a train

Pelican Waters Holiday Park

Tonight's accommodations are on a train. It has been a long day in the sun. Time to sleep -- if the birds quiet down.

Strange Creatures

Kangaroo Golf

Rise and Shine

Chianti Cottages

Rooftop Caravan Park


I look outside our hotel window and see what appears to be a rooftop caravan park. It turns out that this is Notel, a non-hotel upscale hipster hotel made up of a handful of refitted retro Airstream camping trailers. This is just the kind of oddball lodging I'd give a try -- if they weren't over twice the price of other nearby accommodations.

A non-potable water drinking fountain?

Wayside Chapel

Rubber, rubber. Chicken dinner.

Archie McPhee > Rubber Chicken Museum