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Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away
Worries for another day
Let the music play
Down at Fraggle Rock

Texas Canyon Rest Stop

About 16 miles northeast of Benson, along Interstate 10, is perhaps the busiest highway rest stop in Arizona. 

The rest stop is in the midst of the giant granite boulders of Texas Canyon. Rumor has it that locals name the are Texas Canyon after "a bunch of damned Texans" settled there in the 1880s. Those damned Texans, whose descendants still ranch in the area, aren't the reason travelers stop here. People stop to see and explore the giant granite boulders that litter the area.

If you are passing through Texas Canyon on Interstate 10: stop, walk around, see the rocks, and take a selfie.



Oh, and don't eat the snakes and insects that inhabit the area. They might be poisonous.

Or maybe the maker of this sign fails to understand the difference between poisonous and venomous. Also, scorpions aren't insects.  Nevertheless, beware of wildlife that might harm you.

Cliffs Shaft Iron Mine Museum

When visiting Ishpeming, Michigan, it is hard to not notice the headframe towers of the former Cliffs Shaft iron mine.  The property is now a museum. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit this museum because (like every other iron mining museum we encountered) it was closed as we passed through the area. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from June through September. Perhaps, we can again visit Ishpeming on a day that's not a Monday. :)

We did get to look at some samples of iron and the equipment used to mine it in the front yard of the museum. 

Picture Canyon

Comanche National Grasslands > Picture Canyon

Picture Canyon, located in the Comanche National Grassland in southeastern Colorado is home to beautiful natural rock formations and prehistoric rock art.

A picnic area with grills and a toilet are provided for use. No other facilities are provided. As the location is remote, please bring what you need; and take your refuse with you as you leave.

We came, we hiked, we camped. We had a great time... and then moved further south into Texas; in search of warmer weather.

Prehistoric rock art

Get up close to the rock art, but please don't touch

Hiking the trail

The children prepare breakfast

I watch the children prepare breakfast

Bear Lodge

Devils Tower National Monument

Devil's Tower, also known as Bear Lodge, is rock protruding from the prairies of the Black Hills of Wyoming. Great views. Great walking. And wildlife too.

Bear Mountain

Devil's Tower, the first US National Monument

Highway 24


See the climbers?
A climber climbs the tower.

A porcupine was here