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Colorado Highway

Lottis Creek Campground

We came upon the Lottis Creek Campground while wandering the Rocky Mountains. It lies about 9 miles south of the Taylor Park Reservoir. It provided a perfect place to pitch our tent and enjoy a bit of campfire fun.

Cottonwood Pass

Picture Canyon

Comanche National Grasslands > Picture Canyon

Picture Canyon, located in the Comanche National Grassland in southeastern Colorado is home to beautiful natural rock formations and prehistoric rock art.

A picnic area with grills and a toilet are provided for use. No other facilities are provided. As the location is remote, please bring what you need; and take your refuse with you as you leave.

We came, we hiked, we camped. We had a great time... and then moved further south into Texas; in search of warmer weather.

Prehistoric rock art

Get up close to the rock art, but please don't touch

Hiking the trail

The children prepare breakfast

I watch the children prepare breakfast

Shadow Speed

North versus South



Mount Princeton Sunset

Chasing Rainbows

Big Elk Meadows

Found more mountain than meadow.

Boundary: National Forest

Drive up the mountain trail?

Look what Morgen found in the forest