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Travel Angel

Summer Fun

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Taylor Farnsworth,
inventor of the first video camera and the first electronic television.

Rag Town Goddess

Resting Hermes

Frank Cresci Plaza

Fish Man Turtle

2nd Amendment Cowboy

The 2nd Amendment Cowboy appears to have been disarmed.

The Golden Driller



Chief Reelfoot and Laughing Eyes

According to legend, Reelfoot Lake was created when the Great Spirit caused an earthquake to punish Chickasaw Chief Reelfoot for kidnapping Laughing Eyes and making her his wife. Laughing Eye's father had previously rejected Reelfoot's proposal becuase he did not want his daughter marrying a deformed chief; for Reelfoot had a club foot.

These concrete statues of Reelfoot and Laughing Eyes sat at the entrance of Magnolia Beach on the Washout at Lake Reelfoot from 1955 through 1994. They now sit in front of Brooks Shaw's Old County Store in Jackson, Tennessee.


Nikola Tesla

Mecca Muffler Man

Reports are that this muffler man sans muffler was headless for many years.

It seems he finally got ahead.

POPS Soda Ranch

A giant 66 foot tall soda bottle lures travelers off of Route 66.

A gas station like no other: POPS Soda Ranch. In addition to serving up fuel, POPS offers a restaurant and a selection of hundreds of varieties of soda pop.

A unique building for a unique stop.

Do you like orange soda? Here are some of the orange options.

Or do you prefer flavors from another world?

Or do you prefer bacon and maple syrup?

PB&J pairs well with Buffalo Wings.

Corn and peanut butter. I might need something to wash that down.
No matter your tastes, POPS likely has something for you.

Catoosa Blue Whale

From 1972 through 1988 Hugh Davis' giant Blue Whale attracted Route 66 travelers and local visitors to swim in his pond in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Today, swimming isn't permitted, but visitors are welcome to see the whale and picnic by the pond. When you visit, check out the small gift shop and ask to see the photos from the days that the pond was open for swimming.