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Thursday Night Lights

Jimmy at the James

Build Up



Reach for the sky

Something Old, Something New


A wall built by software developers?

If software developers built walls, I suspect they might look something like this.

Painted Ladies at Alamo Square

People. People taking photos of the Painted Ladies. People resting. People enjoying the view. People taking selfies. People talking. People taking photos of people. People enjoying Alamo Square Park.


Construction has stalled on the 1.5 million square foot PhoenixMart international trade center in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Last I heard, the concrete supplier put a $1 million lean on the property after not being paid for materials and labor.

San Francisco City Hall

Short Door


Old Dolin Mill

The Old Mill iis the reason why the town of Ruidoso formed. The mill was built after the civil war as a sawmill. Ruidoso was a prime location because it was close to Fort Stanton and had both forest (for lumber) and water (for power). After struggling to make the property financially viable as a gift shop or museum, the owners now make it available as an event venue. It would be sad to see this piece of history fade away. If in Ruidoso, stop by and give the old mill your support.