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The Big House

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Road Closed Ahead

Joshua Tree National Park

After exploring the area north of Joshua Tree National Park, we had intended to drive through the park to return to Interstate 10. However, we encountered a couple signs suggesting (but not clearly stating) that the southern park entrance/exit was not accessible. As the sun set, we turned around and headed north for the long way around the park.

Skull Rock

Joshua Tree National ParkSkull Rock

Carnegiea gigantea

Saguaro National Park

Signal Hill

Saguaro National Park

Borax Museum

Death Valley National Park

The Borax museum is an outdoor museum exhibiting machinery and vehicles used by the Pacific Coast Borax Company in their Death Valley mining operations. 

20 Mule Team wagon trains were used to haul 24 tons of borax 165 miles from Death Valley to Mojave.

Steam powered trains eventually replaced the 20 Mule Teams.