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Pendleton Lane


Gay Parita

Fork Yeah!

Missouri Crossing


Outback Pub

Today's remote office comes with local beer and live music.

However, the singer in this pub seems to like all of the following:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Small towns
  • Bologna
  • Rock n Roll
  • Tobacco
  • Dollar General
  • Whisky
  • Pinball
  • Whores
  • His mama
  • His wife
  • America
  • Jesus
  • Your eyes

A Road Less Traveled

Lake in the Road

Sign: Lake ahead.

Sign: Flooded area ahead.

GPS: In a quarter mile, make a u-turn.


As I wind through the Ozarks, I wish I had a navigation app that would call out the upcoming curves and hazards like a rally car navigator. Traveling at the posted speed limit is often much faster than reasonable and prudent.

Bath Time

Bull Shoals Crossing


This road is littered with dead animals.

Road Closed

The Real Thing

There's a bumper crop at the Coca-Cola farm this season.

Faraday Cage BAR-B-Q

There is no mobile phone or data signal inside this restaurant, in spite of there being a good signal outside. Arnold's interior decorator decided to use corrugated steel as paneling on the walls and ceiling. The lack of connection made this a horrible place to get any work done. I quickly ate my lunch and left.

The paneling is a bit too attenuating..

The food is a bit too pedestrian.

The penalty is a bit too severe.

The pork is a bit too fresh.



Using a good security tool doesn't automagically make your systems secure. You still have to think.

Restaurants Near Me

OK Google,

These are not restaurants.