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East Jesus

East Jesus is an artist community in the middle of nowhere -- in Slab City.  If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, between the Salton Sea and the Chocolate Mountains, visit East Jesus to engage with an ever-changing thought-provoking outdoor gallery

The Television will not be Revolutionized, by Flip Cassidy

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is Leonard Knight's folk art tribute to God.  Over a period of 28 years, Leonard crafted his masterpiece; splotching layer after layer of paint on top of adobe. Leonard originally used concrete but they concrete crumbled several years into the project. Rather than be discouraged, Leonard resolved to "do it with more smarts", and began experimenting with adobe -- a mixture of clay and straw. 

The mountain is an impressive work of art that proclaims a message dear to Leonard: God is Love.

Shoe Tree

Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach was once a vacation destination community on the shores of California's Salton Sea. Today it is about a quarter square mile of abandoned ruins and occupied trailer homes.