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Alien Fresh Jerky

A beef jerky store on the doorstep of death valley? Blame aliens.

POPS Soda Ranch

A giant 66 foot tall soda bottle lures travelers off of Route 66.

A gas station like no other: POPS Soda Ranch. In addition to serving up fuel, POPS offers a restaurant and a selection of hundreds of varieties of soda pop.

A unique building for a unique stop.

Do you like orange soda? Here are some of the orange options.

Or do you prefer flavors from another world?

Or do you prefer bacon and maple syrup?

PB&J pairs well with Buffalo Wings.

Corn and peanut butter. I might need something to wash that down.
No matter your tastes, POPS likely has something for you.

Butt Drugs

The folks in Corydon, Indiana, have been relying on the Butt family for their pharmaceutical needs for over 60 years. Today they offer a pharmacy, cheap coffee, a soda fountain, and selected unique and local products. Plus they offer a wide variety of   Butt Drugs merchandise. Stop by and get yourself some Butt Drugs.

Oh, and be prepared for some funny looks and questions from strangers as you wear your  Butt Drugs t-shirt in public. :)