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Night Crossing


All those spots in the road are frogs. Frogs! Frogs everywhere!

Burnett Road


Irvin S. Cobb Bridge



John Deere

Mobile Devices

Given that each mobile device fails to completely replace any of the larger devices, I find myself carrying more devices than ever. I'm not sure this is better. Perhaps I am doing this wrong.

Cool Cat


We are creeping through rain that's so heavy that we can't see where we're going as we try to get away from the tornado.

Fort Madison Toll Bridge

The Fort Madison toll bridge is a swing bridge that crosses the Mississippi River at Fort Madison, Iowa, and Niota, Illinois. Rail traffic travels the lower deck and cars travel the upper deck.

Fort Madison Toll Bridge, Fort Madison, Iowa.jpg
Photo: Joe Elliot, Summer 1995   

Lock and Dam Number 19

Avian Travelers

Warsaw Riverfront Park

We came across a nice little park by the Mississippi River in Warsaw, Illinois.  The Warsaw Riverfront Park is available for day use and overnight camping. We found the park to be filled with avian travelers -- geese.

Maid Rite

Heavy lunch-time traffic in and out of the Quincy Maid Rite suggests something good may be ahead

Maid Rite restaurants have been serving their signature loose meat sandwiches since 1926. What's a loose meat sandwich, you ask? Think hamburger; except seasoned loose finely ground beef instead of ground beef formed into patties.

We made a lunch stop at the Maid Rite sandwich shop in Quincy, Illinois, on our way up the Mississippi River. The loose meat sandwiches were good, but I think I prefer my ground beef formed into hamburger patties. The ice cold shakes were a welcome treat on a hot summer day.

The menu is posted on the walls

There are no fancy cash registers here

There's a line at the to-go counter

Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich.jpg
Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich by Cindy Funk

Sophia enjoys a malted milk shake

They don't sell shirts or shoes