Privacy Policy

OutOfOffice.RoadTripping.US is operated by Ben Simo.

We do not require that you provide any personal information to use this website; however, using some features may provide information about your activity on this website to the providers of those features. Any personal information we obtain will only be used for the operation of this website and to communicate with you; we will not share or sell this information without your explicit permission.

Some features permit you to publicly comment on what you see here. Any information you post in public forums (eg, comments) on this website are available to the public.

Most of this website's functionality operates on Google's Blogger platform. The mapping functionality is provided by Google Maps. Ads are provided by Google AdSense and others. Aggregated site analytics is provided by Google Analytics. Each of these platforms has its own privacy policy and we are not responsible for the actions of those service providers. We encourage you to review Google's Privacy Policy

We and our service providers may use log files. These typically include information on the requests made by your web browser. These may include any information sent by your browser; including: the items you view, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, referring pages, platform type, and browser type. We have no access to data logged by any of our platform and feature providers. We do not attempt to link data from log files to personally identifiable information.

We and our service providers (including advertising networks) may use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information exchanged between your web browser and the web servers in order to maintain the state of your session.

Additionally, cookies or other identifiers may be used by analytics and targeted advertising systems (not controlled by us) to track your activity according to their own privacy policies. You may opt out of ad targeting based on this data by participating ad networks using the NAI's consumer Interest-Based advertising opt-out tool

This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact me at Ben (at) Quality Frog (dot) com.

- Ben Simo

Revised: 16 June 2020