#Roadtripping the Rio Grande


I am Ben Simo. I am an explorer. I make a living exploring software systems; and when I'm not helping make software better, I enjoy exploring this planet -- usually by car and with a camera in my hand.

This website, OutOfOffice.us, includes photos from my #roadtripping and other travels.

There was a time that most of my #roadtripping was more about the destination than the journey. After a semi-disastrous destination-based schedule-driven multi-family vacation, I changed my approach to family vacations and roadtrips.

#Roadtripping with 4 generations in one vehicle.

I now practice exploratory roadtripping. Rather than prescribe and schedule details for our travels up front, we choose some high-level goals (things we'd like to see and do), identify constraints, and prepare for each trip. Then we hit the road and practice just-in-time planning as we explore. We adapt our plans based on what we learn as we experience the journey.

#Roadtripping the Great River Road

I have implemented some simple rules to help make our #roadtripping more enjoyable:

Ben Simo's #Roadtripping Rules

  1. No whining. 
    • There will be challenges. Overcome them. 
    • Be patient with travel companions.
  2. Enjoy the journey. 
    • Make the journey at least as important as the destination. 
  3. Take the road less traveled. 
    • Avoid freeways as time and destination permit. 
  4. Sample the local cuisine and culture. 
    • Avoid chain restaurants. 
  5. Take time to explore along the way. 
    • Seek out the new and unusual. 
  6. Practice just-in-time planning. 
    • Don't try to schedule everything up-front. 
  7. Be flexible. 
    • Adapt the journey based on what we learn as we go. 
  8. Don't run out of money. 
    • Travel within our means. 

Some #roadtripping is vacationing. Some #roadtripping is part of a business trip. Other #roadtripping is nomadic exploration while working remotely.

Some #roadtripping is part of long multi-week (or multi-month) adventures. Some #roadtripping is a weekend excursion or one-tank day trip.

I hope that what we share here inspires you to get out of the office and explore the world. Get #OutOfOffice. Go #Roadtripping.

-- Ben Simo

#Roadtripping Colorado when my children were still children.

#Roadtripping Rocky Mountain forest roads

#Roadtripping Arizona Highways