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Marcos De Niza Trail

Silverband trickle

Silverband Falls trickles.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, a 270 degree curve in the Colorado River, is about 1 mile hike from the highway -- a hike up and down a hill, in the Arizona sun. In addition to the spectacular views, the most memorable things from this visit to Horseshoe Bend was the Memorial Day weekend crowd and... and... and... the 💩. After climbing and descending the hill, someone exclaimed "I pooped!" Sure enough, they did. I suggest, that if you need to poop, you do so at the restrooms by the parking lot. There are no toilets near the overlook.

Silence of the Frogs

I'm walking through the woods. The noisy tree frogs stopped singing all at once. Sudden and complete silence. Should I be concerned?

Kentucky Lake

Find Froggy

Found Froggy