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Duck Dusk

Hammersmith Bridge



Saint Kilda Sunset

Road Closed Ahead

Joshua Tree National Park

After exploring the area north of Joshua Tree National Park, we had intended to drive through the park to return to Interstate 10. However, we encountered a couple signs suggesting (but not clearly stating) that the southern park entrance/exit was not accessible. As the sun set, we turned around and headed north for the long way around the park.

Red Rock Sunset

Cotton Sunset


The views from here

Setting Sun


Sliver of Sunlight

I completely lost the Sun but then found it again after driving over a couple mountains. There's a sliver of sunlight ahead. 

Chasing the Sun

Eclipse @ Dry Ground Brewing

Rio Grande Sunset

Mississippi River Sunset

Chasing the Setting Sun


Louisville Sunset

Heading to the Headwaters

After leaving the Minneapolis area, following the Mississippi River became difficult. So we took to highways; trying to get as close to Lake Itasca as we could before losing daylight.