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Desert Vista

Road Closed Ahead

Joshua Tree National Park

After exploring the area north of Joshua Tree National Park, we had intended to drive through the park to return to Interstate 10. However, we encountered a couple signs suggesting (but not clearly stating) that the southern park entrance/exit was not accessible. As the sun set, we turned around and headed north for the long way around the park.

Skull Rock

Joshua Tree National ParkSkull Rock

Border Fence

Boulder Garden

The stone animals lurking in the rocks were carved by W.T. Ratcliffe in the 1930s.

Desert View

The Desert Tower was built by Vert Vaughn in 1922 and 1923.

Desert Highway


Yuha Desert


Chevaux de frise

Plank Road

These are remains of a plank road that was built in 1915 to run through the Algodones Dunes as part of a highway connecting Yuma and San Diego. The road was only one lane wide and provided a rough ride. Work crews fought the elements for 10 years to keep the road open before the road was replaced with a concrete road built on top of a sand embankment.

My visit was short (and my photos fuzzy) because the setting sun was taking away my light.