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Driving offroad in the desert: I'm not sure what I hit, but I could hear the air leaving the tire as soon as I hit whatever I hit. A can of fix-a-flat enabled us to get home -- one town at a time as we topped off with air and then drove to the next town and topped of with air and drove to the next town...


As we approached Noah's Art, we found the road to be mostly blocked by two cars stuck in the sand -- side by side. Recent rains had washed sand into an otherwise good dirt road.

We stopped and attempted to help them dig out the cars. The drivers of both cars had continued to spin their wheels after getting stuck and dug themselves deeper. One of the cars was resting on the front bumper with the wheels far off the bottom of the holes they dug. We scavenged wood and chunks of concrete from the surrounding desert and wedged those under the wheels. However, once we got traction on a wheel on one side, the power would transfer to the other wheel and it would spin. This required we get good traction under both drive wheels. We were unsuccessful in getting traction under both wheels on both cars.

It appeared that we would need to pull the cars out of their predicaments. I began searching the web for nearby shops that might have rope and be open on a Sunday afternoon. Just before I was about to go in search for rope, a passing local stopped. He was reluctant to help, but we talked him into pulling them out after he indicated that he had some rope.

Once these cars were out of the way, I successfully passed through this sand -- twice.

If you are going to drive in the desert, learn to drive in sand.

If you don't learn to drive on such roads, avoid the sand; or take your chances and hope that I come by and have learnt to keep some rope in the car so that I can pull you out.

Good morning, Sunday

The battery that tested good twice in the previous week gave up the ghost.

Leaky Tire

Making a Sunday morning visit to Wally World to get a leaky tire patched.


The day the Tucson died. It was a sad day.