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Wish you were here

I dreamed of a big star and got the Pink Floyd menu for brekky.
Wish you were here, you crazy diamonds.

Hello Coffee

Hello Coffee

A desk lamp chandelier  

Late Brekky

Lorne Larder

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

A Swell Brekky

Swell Cafe

Eggs on toast


Turkish Coffee Delight

Turkish Delight

Serious Breakfast

Serious Pie & Biscuit

Beer and biscuits make for a serious breakfast.

No Outside


Harajuku Taproom

Japanese craft beer, sushi, and meat on sticks. What more does a nomad need at the end of a long day?

Café abre mis ojos

Carnitas El Taste

Tiki Tucson

Kon Tiki

I first drove by this Tucson original tiki bar nearly 30 years ago, but never visited. We finally decided to give Kon Tiki a try. The adult beverage prices appeared to be too good to be true, and they almost were. One of the two drinks we ordered was unpleasant enough that we didn't order more. My sample size is too small to know if this is typical. We sampled a variety of food and found most of it to be exceedingly mediocre -- filling but less tasty than we'd make at home. Only the Birds on a Stick stood out as not being blander (is that a word?) than it looked. We may be back, but it will be hard to pick Kon Tiki over the many wonderful Mexican restaurants in Tucson.

Makers & Finders

Great food and even better coffee.

Gemütlichkeit, nicht

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas offers a distinctly American take on a Bavarian beer hall.

They interrupted meals to have everyone stand for the US national anthem. I can't imagine anything like this happening in any German beer hall, or most anywhere else in Europe. Such public displays of nationalist patriotism are generally taboo in Germany.  This seemed inappropriate; especially when the wait staff didn't show enough respect to stop shoving food onto tables while people were standing for the anthem.

Instead of traditional fun Bavarian beer hall music, we were treated to overly-amplified American rock covers from a duo with a drum machine. The music wasn't enjoyable and made it impossible to talk with others at our table.

It was too dark. And, the food was mediocre American versions of German staples.

Add American frat house shot paddle spankings to complete the bizarre experience. Community tables and German beer seem to be the only things this place has in common with a German beer hall..

I'm going to have to visit my local German restaurant to remove the aftertaste of Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas.