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Arizona Skies

Arizona Highway 277

Wigwam Village #6

Wigwam Village #6 in Holbrook, Arizona, is one of seven concrete tipi motels built between 1933 and 1950. Only three of the seven still exist today. The tipi-shaped design (incorrectly labeled called a wigwam) was the brainchild of Frank A. Redford who created the first Wigwam Village around his Indian artifact museum and shop in Horse Cave, Kentucky. Wigwam Village #6 was built by Chester E. Lewis along Route 66 in 1950, after obtaining rights to the name and design from Redford.

The Lewis family continues to operate the hotel today. I've not yet stayed here. The Wigwam Village is at the top of the list the next time we need a motel room in the Holbrook area.

Painted Desert Indian Center

Dinosaurs killing dinosaurs! Petified wood. Rocks. Jewelry. Toys. Gifts and goods Indian and Western. Clean restrooms. Everything we needed as we approached the end of a long road trip. Plus, a free piece of petrified wood.

Bridge Out

Another spot in which the old Route 66 highway no longer goes through: this time due to an unmaintained bridge. Had to return to Interstate 40 to continue west.

Chief Yellowhorse

A 'cave' and jewelry shop that straddles the border.

Walking Horse


Maybelle's Diner


Deputy sheriffs are pulling people over for speeding in a 'when flashing' school zone when the lights aren't flashing. After our protest that the lights weren't flashing, they let us go with a warning.

Google Maps streetview from a few months prior shows 55 MPH speed limit signs without any school zone or speed signs. I suspect the school zone speed, signs, and lights are new. Hopefully this was an accidental speedtrap.

Sunset Motel

A nice Route 66 motel run by nice people from same family since it was built. 

Sun n Sand

Sahara Lounge Package

Club Cafe


Paradise Motel


Buckaroo Motel

Ranch House Cafe

Home of Quality