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Fuel is almost twice the price that it is at home.

Standard Oil

This San Francisco Chevron station is branded "Standard" in order to maintain the Standard Oil trademark.

Budget Fuel

No Service

Rio Pecos Ranch

August 2015

Last Pit Stop

The last pit stop of this roadtrip. Less than two hours until we're home.


Truck Stop



Russell's Travel Center > Car and Collectible Museum

First Texas Phillips 66

The very first Phillips 66 gas station outside of Oklahoma opened in 1928 in McLean, Texas, to serve Route 66 travelers. The service station operated for over 50 years before succumbing to the Interstate.

U Drop Inn

Lucille's Service Station

Lucille's Service Station served Route 66 travelers for over 70 years. It is named for Lucille Hamons, it's proprietor for most of its history, who's generous service to travelers earned her the nickname "Mother of the Mother Road". The station has been closed since Lucille's death in 2000.

Lucille Hamons: Mother of the Mother Road
(Photo source and date unknown.)


POPS Soda Ranch

A giant 66 foot tall soda bottle lures travelers off of Route 66.

A gas station like no other: POPS Soda Ranch. In addition to serving up fuel, POPS offers a restaurant and a selection of hundreds of varieties of soda pop.

A unique building for a unique stop.

Do you like orange soda? Here are some of the orange options.

Or do you prefer flavors from another world?

Or do you prefer bacon and maple syrup?

PB&J pairs well with Buffalo Wings.

Corn and peanut butter. I might need something to wash that down.
No matter your tastes, POPS likely has something for you.

Chandler Phillips 66 Service Station

Roundtop Filling Station

Cash or Credit?

They say it's the interest charges that get you; but in this case, I think any interest incurred borrowing money to fill up my tank is money well spent.

At this price, even their credit card transaction fees won't be covered.