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Undead Mall

Build it and they will come; or not. 

The Cincinnati Mall appears to be a 50 million dollar ghost town that has been failing to attract good tenants and shoppers for most of the past quarter century.

Given the tiny audience, the ad rates better be cheap.

Pigs are flying, but this mall is still empty.

The ONLY open tenant in this mall is an arcade.

When in Cincinnati, Stock Up

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Ancient Sculpture Museum

A Polychrome Wood Anthropoid Coffin
Inscribed For Ankh-Takelot,
22nd/23rd Dynasty, 944-732 BC

Sandstone Mummy Mask
Third Intermediate Period
Dynasty XXI-XXV
1074 - 702 BC

Head of a Royal Sphinx
Ptolemaic Period
304-30 BC

Roman Marble
Victory Relief Fragment
Captive Barbarian
Flanked by Military Standards
Late 3rd Century AD

Roman Marble
Togate Man
Circa 3rd Century AD

Roman Marble
Head of the God Serapis
Circa 2nd Century AD

Roman Marble Mosaic Panel
From the Area of Antioch
2nd-3rd Century AD

Byzantine Mosaic
4th/5th Century AD

Greek Terracotta
Figure of a Woman with Mirror
4th/3rd Century BC
Etruscan Terracotta
Cinerary Urn from Chiusi
Circa 150-100 BC

Large Etruscan Redware Jar
Circa Mid 6th Century BC

Show Me The Money


Bedbugs were an unwelcome amenity at the Cincinnati Howard Johnson.

6000 Miles Since Home