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Stay Out


Yiannis Greek Taverna

Coachella Valley Vista


Cow Records

Waiting for Tacos

Mike's Taco Club

Burger, Giant

Point Loma Cafe

The kids meal burgers are...



San Diego Zoo


San Diego Zoo

Papio hamadryas

Hamadryas Baboons at the San Diego Zoo

Drop Bears

San Diego Zoo

Out of the Shadows

Museum of Photographic Arts

Slow Zone

Desert Fog

The Umbrella

The Umbrella

This umbrella caught Tiffany's attention in the gift shop at the Center of the World. She wanted the umbrella. She asked for the umbrella. However, there was a problem. The shop was temporarily unable to accept credit card payments and the umbrella was priced higher than the $5 cash I had in my pocket. I told her that I only had Euros and a five dollar bill in my wallet. The shopkeeper then offered to take my Euros as payment. We did some math and I purchased the umbrella. This made Tiffany happy: very happy.

Oakland Sunrise

Coliseum Station