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Out of the Shadows

Museum of Photographic Arts

Canal @ Stoke Bruerne

Stoke Bruerne


National Radio Centre

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park was the home to the codebreakers that helped the allies win World War II. The property is now open to the public as a museum with exhibits detailing the place, people, and practices that broke the unbreakable Enigma cipher.

Anna's Museum

 Anna's Museum

Anna's Museum is a child's private collection of oddities that fills a former shop window in Brighton, England. Stop and take a look.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Photographs (especially cell phone photos taken in the dark) cannot do justice for the beauty or scale of Dale Patrick Chihuly's glass sculptures exhibited at Chihuly Garden and Glass, but here are some photos to entice you to go see them for yourself.