The Red Onion

At the start of roadtrip day 2, we set out from our motel room in search of food.

The local Sonic was not in compliance with our "avoid chain restaurants" rule, plus it appeared that they might not be very friendly towards us earthlings. We kept on driving in search of a local human-friendly establishment.

We came upon what, at first glance, appeared to be a mostly-empty shopping center; except for a clump of cars on one end. I caught a glimpse of people walking from their car to one of the buildings as we passed. We turned around.  Cars in an otherwise-empty shopping center early in the morning before shops open suggests there might be a good restaurant there.

Sure enough, there was a restaurant there -- one I would not have recognized as a restaurant from the street.

Inside we found friendly people serving up tasty food.

Waiting for food

An inside-out omlette

A tasty steak and egg burro

If you ever find yourself in Roswell, New Mexico, I recommend you try breakfast at The Red Onion -- unless you're an alien. If you're an alien, go to Sonic.