Maid Rite

Heavy lunch-time traffic in and out of the Quincy Maid Rite suggests something good may be ahead

Maid Rite restaurants have been serving their signature loose meat sandwiches since 1926. What's a loose meat sandwich, you ask? Think hamburger; except seasoned loose finely ground beef instead of ground beef formed into patties.

We made a lunch stop at the Maid Rite sandwich shop in Quincy, Illinois, on our way up the Mississippi River. The loose meat sandwiches were good, but I think I prefer my ground beef formed into hamburger patties. The ice cold shakes were a welcome treat on a hot summer day.

The menu is posted on the walls

There are no fancy cash registers here

There's a line at the to-go counter

Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich.jpg
Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich by Cindy Funk

Sophia enjoys a malted milk shake

They don't sell shirts or shoes