Pappy's Smokehouse

Pappy's Smokehouse serves up awesome Memphis-style barbecue in Saint Louis.

We arrived to find a smoker in the street and a packed parking lot behind the building -- both indicators that there may be good barbecue ahead.

As we entered, we were directed to the end of a line running down a long hallway. We couldn't even see in the dining room to get a good feel for home long this line might run. This reminded me of some other great barbecue joints that have long waits at lunch time.

Eventually we reached the dining room entrance, at which an employee was pacing the incoming traffic to match the rate at which people were leaving. Signs told us to stay in line and not lay claim to a table until we place their order.

As we rounded the next corner, we could see the actual order counter. We were nearly there. Meanwhile, I struggled to make a decision about what to order.  There was no question that I was going to get ribs, but what else should I add to it? When we finally got to the order counter, Sophia and I both ordered ribs; plus we added a side of brisket.

After placing our order and filling our cups at the soda fountain, a waitress led us to an open table. We waited for our food, overhearing bits of conversation from the two closest tables -- one populated by children whose parents were standing in the line, and the other overflowing with members of a motorcycle club.

The wait at our table was short, as it should be at a barbecue joint that started preparing today's meals yesterday.

The meat was tender and delicious. This is some good barbecue that took this carnivore to a happy place.