Drug-seeking behavior

We're playing tourist in New Orleans for a few days. Sophia has a prescription that needs to be refilled. We start the day with a visit to Café du Monde, and then set out to find a Walgreens and get her prescription refilled. I see that there is a Walgreens nearby and we walk that way.

We get to the Walgreens and discover that it contains no pharmacy.

We look up the next nearest Walgreens and go for another walk. It too has no pharmacy.  We'd never before encountered a Walgreens without a pharmacy. We're accustomed to the pharmacies inside some Walgreens not being open as late as the store. A Walgreens without a pharmacy is like a Conoco that doesn't sell gasoline.

We discover that there is another Walgreens not far away. Will the third time be a charm? Or does three strikes make an out?

The third Walgreens has a pharmacy. We get our drugs and return to being tourists... but the morning is now gone. 

Lessons learned: (1) Some pharmacies don't have pharmacies; therefore, (2) call ahead and inquire before walking around all morning on a hot and humid Louisiana summer day.