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Breakfast, Outside

Ho-Made Pie

Red Canyon Arch

Red Canyon

Donut Holes, Eggs, and Test Flights

Breakfast of Roadtrippers
Doughnut holes, eggs, and drone test flights inside a rented cabin make a great start to the day.


Maybe wind. Maybe sister.


A Unicorn Skeleton

la vista desde aquí

Wahweap Overlook

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam



Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, a 270 degree curve in the Colorado River, is about 1 mile hike from the highway -- a hike up and down a hill, in the Arizona sun. In addition to the spectacular views, the most memorable things from this visit to Horseshoe Bend was the Memorial Day weekend crowd and... and... and... the 💩. After climbing and descending the hill, someone exclaimed "I pooped!" Sure enough, they did. I suggest, that if you need to poop, you do so at the restrooms by the parking lot. There are no toilets near the overlook.