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Professor Gray's Computers

Paul Gray PC Museum

There are a half dozen display cases scattered about halls of Claremont Graduate University's Academic Computing Building. The contents of these cases make up the Paul Gray PC Museum -- a retired professor Paul Gray's collection of personal computers. Most of the machines were familiar to me, and I've used many of them. However. I understand that these are likely ancient artifacts to today's students. I only wish the computers were powered up and computing.

Bono's Orange

Bono's Historic Orange was once a Route 66 roadside produce stand. Today, there is only the orange -- a giant roadside orange.

Bono's 1936 Route 66 orange stand.


The Bunny Museum

Twenty-some years ago, Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski began exchanging daily rabbit-related gifts. This continued until the collection grew to the point that they joked about living in a bunny museum. In 1998, they made it official and opened the Bunny Museum in Pasadena. The museum recently moved north to Altadena and the collection contains over 35,000 bunnies.

If you can charge an admission fee, it's not hoarding; it's a museum.

Fountain of Learning

Pasadena Central Library

As a child without a television at home, the Pasadena Central Library was one of my favorite places. I spent many weekend and summer days in this library.

No Coasting Vehicles

If I add a motor to a coasting vehicle, does it cease to be a coasting vehicle?
If a motorized vehicle is moving but not in gear, does it become a coasting vehicle?
What about a mobility scooter that enables someone who otherwise could not walk to move about?
Is a wheelchair a coasting vehicle?

Mountain View

Starting Fluid

The Crown Railroad Cafe

Starting fluid and fuel at The Crown Railroad Cafe.

Gay Parita

2nd Amendment Cowboy

The 2nd Amendment Cowboy appears to have been disarmed.

Slug Bug Ranch Revisited