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Center of the Universe

Stand in the circle and speak. Hear your voice echo. Others nearby won't hear an echo.

Step out of the circle and speak. No echo.


Love yourself. You're Beautiful.

* Does not apply to Matt.

The Golden Driller


Bricktown Brewery

After a long rainy day of exploring and driving, I arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I quickly found Bricktown Brewery on Garrison Avenue. I ordered a sampler flight of their "local beer" to discover that they claimed many of the beers are from Oklahoma. Being just over the border from Oklahoma, I think that they must be made locally. A little research revealed that Bricktown Brewery is based in Oklahoma City, and the 'Bricktown" name refers to an Oklahoma City entertainment district. My waitress, wearing a "DRINK LOCAL" shirt, confirms that the beers aren't local; that they are made in Oklahoma City.  When I questioned how they can promote themselves as "local", she shrugged and walked away. I enjoyed their Old King Kolsch, but didn't care for most of the beers. Their "Truckburger" -- a blend of ground beef and bacon -- was excellent. However, their deceptive advertising turned my experience sour.

Don't call yourself local if you're not local. And if you're going to be deceptive in your logo, don't put "if you can’t trust a logo well then America is in worse shape than any of us could have imagined" on your website. You may be local in Oklahoma City, but don't call yourself local in Arkansas.

CJ's Butcher Boy Burgers

This just may be the best burger I've had in Arkansas.