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Walking in Memphis

Passive Aggressive No Parking Sign

Sun Studio


Prior to passing through Cairo, Illinois, I had heard that it was one of the most depressing cities in the United States.

Cairo, pronounced CARE-OH,  is situated at the southernmost point in Illinois, at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Cairo has experienced prosperity, sometimes-violent racial conflict, and eventual economic decline.

We passed through Cairo on our way up the Great River. We found a city much like many others on our journey. We found a city decades into an economic decline fueled by changes in manufacturing and transportation -- changes that started well over a century ago. 

Cairo Ohio River Bridge


That doesn't look like ribs.

Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous

Before we went to Memphis, several people told me I must visit Rendezvous for ribs.

We walked around the block a couple times and failed to find the restaurant at the address provided by Google maps. Sophia said she thought she saw it in an alley. Sure enough. It is in an alley -- an alley bearing the name of the restaurant.

It doesn't look like much from outside.

Inside the door, we're greeted by stairs.

And, we found a restaurant at the top of the stairs. 

We're asked to wait by the bar for a table.

I wanted a beer, but a whole case is way beyond my limit.

After a very short wait, we're led to a table.

We place our orders for ribs and brisket, and wait.

Shortly later, the food is served.  

The rubbed ribs, the brisket, the beans, and the slaw were all delicious.  

This place may be world famous, but it has retained the atmosphere and quality food of a good barbecue joint.