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Natchez Donut Shop

Donuts for dinner.

Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

The Butt Hut

A brisket sandwich and a burger made a tasty late lunch at a place with a funny name

Natchez Bluffs

Natchez, Mississippi, sits on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The high ground of the Natchez Bluffs offers protection from flooding and great views of the river.

Judge George W Armstrong Library

The Natchez, Mississippi, public library provides a nice out-of-office workplace for a day.

Malt Shop

Upon arriving in Natchez, Mississippi, we circled the town in search of a local restaurant at which we might eat dinner. In our search we passed the Malt Shop twice. It didn't look like much but had lots of people coming and going -- a sign there might be something good here.  As it was getting late we were hungry, I abandoned our search and headed back to the Malt Shop. I am glad we did.

We found the best in local drive-ins at the Malt Shop. They had an extensive menu, friendly service, and tasty food. This is the kind of restaurant that makes roadtripping fun. When in Natchez, stop by the Malt Shop for a tasty treat.

The Natchez Malt Shop

Catfish Dinner
Tenderloin Dinner

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