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Dolly Python

Dolly Python Vintage

28 July 2017

Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind

 Good coffee, good craft beer, good friends, and live music too. Back to the Grind is an amazing coffeehouse in Riverside. I stopped in while passing through the area to see a friend perform, and found a coffeehouse that I wish was in my neighborhood. Stop by if you visit or pass through Riverside.

Check out my friend Eva's music at

Karl Strauss Brewing

Ballast Point Brewing


A young man ahead of me swerved to avoid an elk, but went off the road and took a tumble. Thankfully, he survived without injury. I had to drive several miles down the road to get sufficient signal to call police. Eventually an Apache officer and a State Trooper showed up.

Domestic Trash

Dang! I have to limit myself to dumping imported trash.

Sliver of Sunlight

I completely lost the Sun but then found it again after driving over a couple mountains. There's a sliver of sunlight ahead. 


Chasing the Sun

Tularosa: Valley of Fires

If you slow down and look, you might notice pleny of evidence of past volcanic lava flow through Tularosa Valley.