Friday, July 3, 2015

We're running away from home

Has Sophia fully bought into Ben's crazy plan?
Rather than take a contiguous week or two off work for a vacation this summer, I am launching an experiment in extreme telecommuting.

I am taking my work as remote telecommuting employee on the road -- transforming work from home into work from wherever.

Sophia and I are running away from home. We're going on a road trip that will likely last the rest of the summer.

We're starting out with the long Independence Day weekend made a little longer with a couple vacation days. After that, we'll explore the country and I'll work from wherever.

In making the journey more important than the destination, we've set some guidelines:

Our Roadtripping Rules
  1. No whining
  2. Avoid Interstate highways
  3. Avoid chain restaurants
  4. Stop, see, and do stuff along the way
  5. Work as if I weren't traveling, at least 4 days a week (I'm taking vacation one day a week.)
  6. Practice just-in-time planning. 
  7. Adapt the journey based on what we learn as we go
  8. Enjoy life 
  9. Don't run out of money before we get back home :)

We'll be sharing our journey at

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